November Changelog

November Changelog



Added column for Expected duty on product list

You can now see how much duty we expect that you will incur (at the current standard duty rate) when you sell a unit of the product on the Product List page

Improved search on vessel summary

Find your vessels easier with a search field on the vessel summary screen

Dispatch notes available on the order importer

You can now add dispatch notes to orders that are imported via our CSV Importer

Invoice number added to duty audits

You can now track the transaction that a has incurred duty on the duty audit

Stock Adjustment Documents available

You can now print a summary document when perfoming a stock adjustment

Improved access to the Distribution App on Mobile

When on mobile you can now access the Distribution app from BrewMan’s header bar

Added pricelist column to outlets with special prices report


Added Journey Number to Delivery Summary Sheet


Bulk Update Sheet: Price List Entries - Added columns for Product Name and ABV.

You can view a product name and it’s abv on the Bulk update sheet for price lists.

Allowed Credit Limit threshold to be switched off


Added Notes to QC test results recording


Added stock transfer number to document


Grid Updates

We’ve been working to improve the tables and data grids seen across BrewMan. Some of the changes may not be obvious on the surface but they will improve speed, performance and future stability.

Column to show the number of tasks associated with an outlet

A column has been added to the outlet list page allowing you to see the number of tasks associated with an outlet.

Timestamp for container history

You can now see the time a container status was updated as well as the date.

Ability to view stock transactions from the product in stock page



πŸŽ„β„οΈπŸŽ… Project Tinsel 🎁 πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈ

Yuletide Greetings!

Can you believe it? We've conquered another year, and guess what? It's time to sprinkle some holiday magic your way! 🌟✨ Brace yourselves because we're launching Project Tinsel in BrewMan with some epic Christmas features that will have help to build your Christmas Cheer!

  1. 🎁 Festive Homepage Cards:

The BrewMan homepage just got a seasonal upgrade. We've added some jazzed up cards, one for the countdown to christmas day and one a company christmas card from all of us at Premier Systems.

Find it by customising your homepage.

  1. 🀣 The Jingle Bell Joke Banner:

Back by popular demand (because you loved it during Halloween), our joke banner is here to sleigh! Expect more laughs with far more jokes, as well as some trivia, and brain teasers, all served with a side of Christmas cheer.

  1. πŸŽ… Elf Hunt Extravaganza:

Ready for a merry mission? We're hosting the ultimate Elf Hunt inside BrewMan! Every day, a sneaky little elf icon will be hiding somewhere in the BrewMan system.

Find it, report it, and you're in the running for our prize draw!

You can report the elves you find by clicking the floating assist button on the right hand side of the screen when you are logged into BrewMan and selecting β€œReport an Elf”.

Complete the form to be in the draw!

πŸŽ‰ One entry per day, and the winner, chosen at random in the new year, could be YOU!Β 

(Terms and Conditions can be found here)


Vessel Summary Views

We’ve introduced 2 new ways to view your vessels.

You can now use the drop down at the top left of the page to choose between the standard view, a compact view and a list view.


πŸ—“οΈ October Changes

πŸ—“οΈ October Changes



Calculated Invoice Payment Due Date Tag

We now have a new document tag for invoices which will calculate the date that an invoice is due to be paid based on the outlet’s credit terms.

Add the the tag Β«Order.PaymentDueDateΒ» to your invoice template to show this information.

Change to Stock Valuation Calculation

Stock valuation on a product record will now be based on the cost price of the product x the qty of the product in stock.

Enhanced Ctrl Click

Open more links in new tabs by hitting ctrl click.

Speed and Performance Improvements


β€œPrint all” on packing list and delivery summary


Show Internal dispatch notes on Packing Lists

A column for Internal Dispatch notes can now be shown on a packing list and can be exported.

Tenant Name now appears on DA

Deliver App users will now see their tenant name displayed at the top of the delivery app

Search on vessel summary screen


Internal and External Dispatch notes added to importer

You can now add and change Internal and External Dispatch notes on the Order Import sheets.

Expected duty on Product List


Stock Adjustment Doc



Ability to Change Existing orders to Draft Orders

Last month we introduced the ability to create Draft Orders.

This month we have extended that feature to allow existing open orders to be changed to Draft Orders.


Eebria Integration

Eebria Integration

We are pleased to announce our latest integration with online drinks distributor for craft beer, cider, wine and spirits. Making it easier for UK users to fulfil and distribute orders for wholesale and trade buyers.

To set up your integration to Eebria head to the Integrations section of the main system navigation.


Ability to Change Open Orders to Draft when putting an outlet on hold

When putting an outlet on hold you can now choose whether to leave any orders that exist for the outlet open, cancel them, or put them on hold. Meaning there’s little risk of orders being delivered when they shouldn’t be.

When an outlet with open orders is put on hold this modal will appear. The first option, selected by default will keep all orders open.

By selecting one of the other options selection boxes will appear next to the list of orders enabling you to select the orders you wish to change.

Any orders not selected will remain open.


πŸ—“οΈ September Changes



UK Duty Changes

All UK duty calculations and produced documents have been updated to reflect the new requirements.

Ability to Duplicate a PO

You can now duplicate an exsisting PO. Saving time when repeating an order.

New document template page layout

The Document template list page has been given a facelift. They are now grouped by area.

Ability to hide documents

You can now hide any documents that are not set as defaults from the document template list.

Bulk start pallets

You can now start multiple pallets at one time allowing you to print labels for them ahead of time.

Draft Duty Settings on an Outlet

UK outlets can now choose whether or not an outlet is subject to draft duty relief or not.


Draft Orders and Pro Forma Invoices

When creating an order you can now save it as a Draft Order.

Draft Orders will not have any bearing on stock allocations and will not appear in distribution planning.

Proforma invoices can be printed from a draft order.

If the customer wants to proceed with the order it can be converted to an open order from the Change Status modal at which point the user will be asked to update the dispatch and delivery dates if they are in the past.


Reorder Levels on Import Sheets

Reorder Levels on Import Sheets

The stock availability import sheet has been expanded and renamed. As well as defining whether a product is available for sale from a specific location you can now define the alert level, reorder level and reorder quantity from the sheet.