Ability to print invoices in bulk

You can now select multiple orders on the Order List Screen or Open orders from the Outlet’s Sales History tab to print invoices for all the orders at once.


Outlet and Group On hold toggle and behaviour

You can now use the “On Hold” Toggle on an outlet to prevent orders being placed for certain outlets and groups.

Putting an Outlet On Hold

On an outlet the toggle can be found on the Settings Tab.

When you put an outlet on hold you are given the option to add a reason for the hold. This will be shown with the details of when the outlet was put on hold and who by.

On save you will be shown a list of orders that are open for the outlet and will be given the option to cancel the orders or leave them open.

When an Outlet is On Hold you will not be able to create orders for it and when viewing the outlet or any remaining open orders for the outlet you will see grey alert banners showing that the outlet is On Hold and the reasons for it.

Putting an Outlet Group On Hold

Putting a group on hold offers much of the same functionality as putting a single outlet on hold. Putting an outlet group on hold will put all of the Outlets within the group on hold too. You can add a reason when putting the group on hold and this will be displayed when visiting any outlets within the group.


New Out of Order Container Status

We’ve introduced a new Container Status called “Out of Order” which can be used when tracking containers to signify that a container has been removed from the regular use cycle.

As with all status’ a container can go from any status to “Out of Order” and can go from “Out of Order” to any status. The system will believe and save the last piece of information it was given.

When you change a container in and out of the “Out of Order” Status you will be given the opportunity to update the container notes so that you can keep track of the reason that the container is classed as “Out of Order” and what has been done to make it fit for use again.


Bulk collect Proof of Dispatch from Couriers

If a courier has to collect multiple orders, getting their signature for each order can be a long process. You can now gather signatures, photos and add notes to multiple orders at once.

To do this, open the courier who is collecting orders, mark the items on each order as delivered and then click the “Bulk Collect Proof of Dispatch"

You will then be given a list of orders to be dispatched all of which are selected by default. Unselect any orders that are not being dispatched and continue.

You can then collect a signature, name, proof of dispatch images and add any notes. Data entered here will be applied to all the orders that were selected.


Tasks on Calendar

Calendars were introduced in BrewMan at launch they showed details of and allowed scheduling of sales visits. We’ve now enabled any tasks with a date, time and duration will also to appear on the sales calendar.

Tasks will appear on the Calendar in Green and Sales Visits will appear in Blue.

Tasks without times will not appear on the calendar.


🗓 August Changes



Net and Export Weights to Default to Product Weight.

When creating a product through the product creation wizard the net and export weight fields will now default to the weight that was entered in the weight field.

Ability to Search via Post/Zip Code

In the search bar in the BrewMan header you can now search for an outlet via Postal or Zip code.

Fields Added to Company Set Up for US Tenants

You can now store your EIN- Employer Identification Number and TTB Brewer's Notice against a company record in BrewMan.

Ability to update the standard order type for retail outlets

Outlet Name added to Outlet Container Report title.

Added Colour Picker for vehicle display colour

You can now select what colour you would like to represent a vehicle throughout BrewMan

Add "Save and Output More" to output modal on an assembly

Add fields to ullaged beer list

Columns added:

  • Batch number

  • Container number

Add grid controls to the view Pricelist page

Editing the mileage entered on Journey start and end

You can now edit the milage entered for the last journey saved on the vehicle’s fleet management page

Manually adding a pallet to a distribution record

Allow users to manage columns on the stock replenishment screen

Ability to make products available on all pricelists more easily

Bulk fill containers in container tracking

You can now select multiple containers in the container tracking list and mark them as being filled with a material.

Improved access to sales visit

Sales visit creation is now available from more places across the system.

Add duration to task type

You can now add a duration to a task type. This means every time you create a task of that type if will default to that duration. This can be overridden at the time of creation.

New Doc Template List Page | Allow edit and deletion of premier document templates

The Document Template list page is now sorted by area of the system. Documents that are not set as default can be hidden from the list to keep it clean and easier to manage.

Ecwid Integration

You can now integrate your BrewMan system to Wix’s eCommerce solution.

Add the notes column to vessel record page

Add On Hold Column now available on Tasks List

You can now add a column to your task lists to show whether an outlet associated with a task is on hold.


Enhancements to Sending Documents

We’ve made some enhancements to the way we email Orders, Distribution Notes, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders.

Emailing these items from their records now presents a modal which allows you to:

  • Change your email’s subject line

  • The subject line will be completed from the default subject line held against the document type unless overridden with new text entered into this field.

  • Email Body

    As with subject lines any email body text will be pulled from the document type unless overridden in this field.

  • Recipients

    Existing recipients will appear in the table on the right side of the modal, from here they can be removed or edited. Above the table additional Recipients can be added or CC’d into the emails either by typing in their email address or where applicable selecting from the contacts held for the outlet.


Sales Notes and Warnings

Need your team to know something about a customer before selling or speaking to them. In BrewMan you can set up sales notes or sales warnings. Offering similar functionality these fields sit on the Finance Tab of an Outlet’s record.

You can use the fields to enter important notes that your staff need when dealing with the outlet.

Sales notes will appear in a Blue banner that can be dismissed once read. Sales warnings will appear in a red banner that cannot be dismissed.

The banners will appear when opening the outlet’s CRM tab, creating a new order for the outlet and when opening existing orders for the outlet.


🗓 July Changes

🗓 July Changes



Show total weight of orders for a courier

On the Packing List You can now see the total weight of all the orders that need to be collected by a courier on a given day.

Sales notes available on the Outlet List page

Reporting by Courier

New Doc Gen Tags

Driver Manifest

  • Delivery Window

Material Labels

  • Can the ABV of a material be available as a tag for the material labels please.


  • Tracking numbers which are recorded on courier orders only

  • Tag for Our Reference - use as courier del times.

  • Tag for Order Delivery Recipient

Stock Transfer Note

  • Stock Transfer No. on Stock transfer notes

Add text to invoice based on order type

You can now set up text that will appear on invoices based on the order type.

The text can be set up in the administration section of the menu

Ability to add email recipients, custom subject lines and bodies when emailing Invoices, Credit Notes and PO’s

When sending documents (individually not in bulk) you can now add new email recipients, CC in email addresses, customise subject lines and add text into the email body.

Invoice Numbers now available on Duty Audits

New Reporting on tracked containers

We have introduced 2 new container reports.
The Container treatment report
Can be found under the Tracked Container section of the main navigation

The Container History report can be found as a tab on each outlet

These reports are designed to help you identify which outlets are frequently losing or holding your containers.

Add Web Address Fields to Supplier Records

Last delivered date added to various places

The date that an order was last delivered to an outlet can now be seen on the Task list and Outlet list page.

User added to stock transactions report

Improvements to dutiable litres

We’ve improved warnings to this field if something doesn’t look right to prevent inaccurate duty figures.

Warnings on stock transfers for negative stock

Warnings will now be shown on a stock transfer if the stock level in the “From Location” will go into negative figures.

Filled container list available on assemblies

We’ve moved the filled container list to an assembly so you can easily see the containers from this assembly that are still in stock.

Changes to woo-commerce

We’ve made improvements to the way orders are pulled into BrewMan from WooCommerce

Timestamps available for completed processes

Lines showing Completed Processes in an assembly now have a “Line Info” which will open a modal to show who completed the assembly and when it was completed.

Customer reference available on the Outlet Sales History Tab

Changes to label ordering

Print all available on picking lists

Each picking list not has a Print All button which will download all lists on the page ready for printing.

Social sites held against outlets

You can now record an outlet’s social site addresses against an outlet

Open order tab on Products

A tab has been added to each Product record which shows which open orders the product is currently on.

Order summary on distribution processing

You can now see the items that are on an order on it’s distribution record.

Outlet group column on the order list page

Columns added to the journey log page

Outlet Code and Invoice Number have been added to the journey log page

Purchase Order Cancellation Reasons

When cancelling a purchase order you can now add a reason for the cancellation which will be recorded with the time and user who cancelled it.


Updates to Australian Duty

As of the 1st August duty rates for Australian will be updated to reflect the changes made by the government.